Value Stick Calendars

Put your logo on a mini peel and stick calendar—on sale for just 60¢ per calendar!

Let's do the math on just how economical these calendars are.

There is a 150-piece order minimum on these stick on calendars. So for just 60¢ per calendar, that means you get 150 calendars—and 365 days of advertising—for just $90. It's hard to go wrong with a deal like that.

Buy 2020 sticky calendars online. Just choose a design and add your logo or branding. Made of smooth, high-quality vinyl, these self-stick, stick up mini promotional dashboard calendars come with 13-month calendar pads for year-round advertising. These convenient sticky back calendars adhere to more surfaces than a traditional magnet calendar for even more display options. Just peel, press, and stick! Make On The Ball Promotions your source for cheap peel and stick calendars.
Traditional Value Stick™ Calendar No. 602 As low as $0.60 View Product Best Seller
Ribbon Value Stick™ Calendar No. 633 As low as $0.60 View Product
Patriotic Value Stick™ Calendar No. 602-50 As low as $0.60 View Product Best Seller
Number One
Number One Value Stick™ Calendar No. 603 As low as $0.60 View Product Best Seller
Thank You
Thank You Value Stick™ Calendar No. 616 As low as $0.60 View Product Best Seller
Limo Value Stick™ Calendar No. 617 As low as $0.60 View Product
Truck Value Stick™ Calendar No. 613 As low as $0.60 View Product
Semi Value Stick™ Calendar No. 614 As low as $0.60 View Product
Wrecker/Tow Truck
Wrecker/Tow Truck Value Stick™ Calendar No. 615 As low as $0.60 View Product
Van Value Stick™ Calendar No. 620 As low as $0.60 View Product
Circle Value Stick™ Calendar No. 632 As low as $0.60 View Product
Landscape Value Stick™ Calendar No. 641 As low as $0.60 View Product
USA Value Stick™ Calendar No. 627 As low as $0.60 View Product
Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish Value Stick™ Calendar No. 643 As low as $0.60 View Product
House Value Stick™ Calendar No. 604 As low as $0.60 View Product
Taxi Value Stick™ Calendar No. 618 As low as $0.60 View Product
Trades Value Stick™ Calendar No. 619 As low as $0.60 View Product
Computer Value Stick™ Calendar No. 608 As low as $0.60 View Product
Cow Value Stick™ Calendar No. 609 As low as $0.60 View Product
Pig Value Stick™ Calendar No. 610 As low as $0.60 View Product
Telephone Value Stick™ Calendar No. 611 As low as $0.60 View Product
Cactus Value Stick™ Calendar No. 612 As low as $0.60 View Product
Spotlight Value Stick™ Calendar No. 607 As low as $0.60 View Product
Whale Value Stick™ Calendar No. 606 As low as $0.60 View Product

How to Use Value Stick Calendars

Whether you own a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer company, these mini sticky calendars get the job done. For just pennies a day, your clients will see your ad, and will have your contact information readily available. Here are some tips to get a little more value out of your promotional calendars:

  • Contact info and services: For professionals like plumbers, HVAC, and electricians, include your business and contact name, phone number, website, hours, and services offered.
  • Months as coupons: Encourage customers to bring in each torn-off calendar pad as a coupon.
  • Advertise an event: Promote an annual golf outing, fund raising event, or company party to generate interest throughout the year.
  • Promote your culture: For employees or customers, show them who you are. Include a brief quote or saying, with just your company name and website or phone number shown below.
  • Promote safety: Perfect for safety day events hosted by fire and police departments.
  • For truck drivers: Dashboard calendars are perfect giveaways for truck drivers. Hand them out to your fleet drivers or customers.

From the blog: Why mini sticky calendars are so dang popular

The small adhesive calendars you see on this page are the most popular calendars we sell. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • They're cheap.
  • They stick anywhere.
  • They're cheap.
  • They work for nearly every industry.
  • They're cheap.

Did we mention they're cheap? At just 60¢ per calendar, that's an affordable advertising medium for any company, any organization, any brand.

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Small adhesive calendar with your logo | On The Ball Promotions
Mini stick-up calendars cost just 60¢ per calendar, and cost even less if you co-brand, like this one shown with a grocer and auto shop.

Who uses—and benefits from—adhesive dashboard calendars?

These mini sticky calendars aren't just for fridge doors, lockers, toolboxes, or work cabinets. On of the most common places to use these calendars is on the company car, fleet truck, or delivery van dashboard. The information imprinted on dashboard calendars often includes: phone number, departments and extensions, and a general website URL or specific web address where drivers can quickly find information pertaining to their job or duty. If space allows, some companies add their slogan or motto.

Here's a list of our customers who use these small stick-on calendars on their vehicle dashboards:

  • Pizza or food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Medical supply delivery
  • Cleaning services (B2B or B2C
  • Home health services
  • Office supply delivery trucks
  • Parcel delivery companies
  • Garden center or nursery delivery trucks
  • Floral delivery vans
  • Rental companies
  • Pilot car companies
  • Fleet drivers
  • Logistics companies
  • Lawn care companies
  • Snow removal companies
  • Government employees like public works, community safety officers, or even village hall employees who drive city-owned cars

How to attach your stick calendar to your vehicle dashboard

  1. Clean your dashboard. Value Stick Calendars adhere much better to a clean, dry surface than they do a dusty one.
  2. Remove calendar backing.
  3. Stick it on your dashboard.
Fleet calendar for tuck drivers | On The Ball Promotions
Logistics companies hand out small sticky dashboard calendars to drivers