Fun & Memorable Golf Tournament Themes

Save the serious golfing for the serious tournaments! Have some fun with your next golf event by planning a themed outing. From costumes and challenges to food and giveaways, you can have a lot of fun integrating your theme into every part of the event. The number of themes to choose from is limitless, so let your imagination run wild.

Golf Event Photo Tip: If you take foursome pictures
of your golfers, send them home
with a personalized photo folder
or imprinted picture frame.

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Chip for Charity

This idea works for a short course. It typically costs less to rent out a 9-hole course (can often be done through park districts); fewer expenses means more money toward your charity of choice. You can use any theme for a charity golf outing.

Disco Fever: A 1970s Flashback!

Break out the polyester bell bottoms for a far out 70s-themed golf outing. Golfers will reminisce about cultural icons, historical events and even slang from the infamous disco-infused decade. Break out the disco ball and let the golfers boogie after a day out on the golf course.

Like Father, Like Son

Have a little one who likes swinging a club? Or maybe it's been a tradition for the last 30 years to go golfing with dad. Whatever the reason, make it a guy's day out on the golf course. If young golfers are involved, consider letting them tee off at every other hole, or keep it to a 9-hole course.

Make it Mini

Take the professionals back to the basics… at a miniature golf course! Silly obstacles and colorful golf balls are sure to loosen up the pros and ensure a fun experience. Serve mini food portions instead of a full sit-down meal for a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Country Western

Ever made a hole-in-one wearing a cowboy hat or a bolo tie? Greet guests with some good old Hank Williams. End the day with some line dancing, offering prizes to those with the best moves or outfits. But leave the cowboy boots at home—most courses have footwear restrictions, so be sure to let your guests know before the hoedown begins.

Wildlife Fundraiser

Many golf courses are recognized by Audubon International for using eco-friendly groundskeeping practices and providing wildlife sanctuaries. Raise funds for a local wildlife organizations and have participating golfers identify as many animal species as possible throughout the day, giving the winner an eco-friendly prize package.

The Roaring 20s

The Lindy Hop, art deco, prohibition… all culturally significant icons of the 1920s. Encourage golfers to dress in period attire, and finish off the day with a jazz ensemble playing music reminiscent of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. If professional musicians are out of your budget, consider a local high school or college ensemble.

String for Charity

Sell lengths of string by the foot to golfers. Some event planners charge $1 per foot, but you could certainly charge more. Golfers can then use their string to replace a putt or move their ball a given distance. For example, if you bought 20' of string, you could move your ball 10' toward the hole on the green, and save the other 10' for another shot. An easy idea for golf event fundraising.

Holes with Personality

This is a unique way of incorporating sponsors into your event. Find 18 sponsors; one for each hole. Have a representative of the company by their assigned hole and entertain golfers with mini games, like the "Chip it in…" idea, long drive contest with a kid's plastic club and golf ball, golf history trivia and more.

Chip it in…

The concept is easy: get the ball in the hole. Only the hole isn't what it usually is. It could be a jack-o-lantern, kiddie pool filled with rubber duckies, colorful beach buckets, cowboy hat, golf shoe or any fun (or funny) object that ties into your theme.

That's Not How It's Done!

If you feel like throwing your golfers for a loop, have them tee-off wearing oven mitts, putt with a hockey stick or tee-off with a putter and putt with a driver. If you think it will make the golfers laugh, have at it!

Golf Event Photo Tip: Ask your photographer to print
photos onsite so golfers can take
their photos home with them after the event.

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Fun Golf Event Themes for Women

While any of the themes on this page would work for a women's-only golf event, there are some that the ladies will truly enjoy. Read on for some inspiration on making your ladies day on the golf course one to really remember.

A Day at the Spa

Host the event on a short 9-hole course to ensure plenty of time for rest, relaxation and reminiscing after some time golfing together. Invite local massage therapists, nail salon beauticians and health food chefs for the complete spa experience.

Golf & Bazaar for Women

Make it a girls' day out! After they've played a round of golf, invite the women to a mini bazaar in the clubhouse with handmade crafts, desserts, wine and jewelry for a memorable outing. Invite local artisans and bakers to contribute their goods to the event.

A Day for the Divas

From pink feather boas to zebra prints, get together with the girls on the golf course for a diva's day out. Invite an event photographer to snap pictures of the ladies in action, sending them all home with personalized picture frames to help them remember their fun-filled day.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

A little tea, a little crazy, a lot of fun! The Mad Hatter Tea Party theme is taking the party and event industry by storm, so why not bring it to the golf course? Dress up in your Alice in Wonderland best, and end the day with a tea party that will be the talk of the town.

Need Some More Ideas?

  • School Pride: Wear Your Alma Mater's Colors
  • Fiesta
  • Spooky Halloween—costumes required!
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • A Golfing Safari
  • Superheroes
  • Tailgating
  • Christmas in July
  • Partner Up—switch off shots with your partner. Great for team building exercises.

Though it can be fun to plan, not every golf event or tournament needs a silly or off-beat theme. Sometimes it's easier—and less expensive—to let golfers come as they are and just enjoy a good round with fellow golf enthusiasts.

Great Giveaways for Golfers

Don't forget to send golfers home with a small gift to remember their day on the course. Whether you hire a professional event photographer or have someone taking candid snapshots of golfers as they play, a personalized golf-themed photo folder is a great gift for golfers.